Kaine Rallies Democrats, Talks Education, Goes After Trump

Sep 1, 2016

Democratic Vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine rallied local democrats in Dover, Laconia and Nashua Thursday, and talked education in Manchester. Kaine said policymakers at all levels need to work to make education more responsive to the needs of employers. He also took aim at GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“The main thing we know about education from the other side is this Trump University thing, where education was viewed as a little bit of a con job. You know, give us a lot of money and we’ll give you something that probably not worth the paper that it’s printed on.”

Trump University is involved in ongoing lawsuit alleging fraud. For-profit colleges have been a frequent target of the Clinton-Kaine ticket.  But Clinton has her own ties to the for-profit education. Until last year Bill Clinton was an honorary chancellor for Laureate education, which operates for profit colleges in 28 countries. During the five years in which Bill Clinton worked for Laureate, the company paid him $17 million dollars.