Jury Selection Set for Rindge Mother and Son Accused of Art Forgery

Nov 13, 2018

Artwork by Leon Golub
Credit Creative Commons

Jury selection begins Wednesday in the strange case of a New Hampshire mother and son accused of selling forged art works to a prominent collector.

Lorettann Gascard and her son Nikolas are accused of selling two dozen forged works by the painter Leon Golub to Andrew Hall. Gascard is a former art history professor at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge. She claims she was a student of Golub in the 1960s.

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Hall purchased 24 paintings from the Gascards, but claims he discovered they are forgeries while preparing to exhibit the works. He’s seeking more than $500,000 in damages.

The Gascards maintain that the works are authentic, though Nikolas admits that he made up names for some of the paintings.

The five-day jury trial will begin later this month in federal court in Concord.