Judge Strips Former Portsmouth Police Officer Of $2M Inheritance

Aug 21, 2015

Aaron Goodwin

A judge has stripped a fired Portsmouth police officer of the roughly $2 million he inherited from an elderly woman.

In his ruling, Judge Gary Cassavechia says former Sergeant Aaron Goodwin exerted undue influence over the late Geraldine Webber by "acting upon her fears and hopes."

Webber was in her 90s and suffering from dementia when she changed her will in 2012 to leave Goodwin with the bulk of her estate, including her waterfront home and a Cadillac.

Goodwin befriended Webber and testified that she loved him like a son, but the judge says the officer’s testimony wasn’t credible and stripped him of the inheritance.

Goodwin has since been fired, after a panel found he violated department policy by accepting gifts and engaging in a relationship with Webber while off duty.

A hearing will be held next month decide what to do with Webber’s estate.