Judge Rules Against Free State Supporters In Grafton Ballot Suit

Mar 9, 2015

Credit Jack Rodolico

The Grafton County Superior Court has ruled against a last-ditch effort by supporters of the Free State Project to alter a ballot the day before an election.

Free State Supporters in the Town of Grafton managed to get 20 warrant articles onto the local ballot this year - including efforts to stop tax money from flowing to the local library and banning the town from cooperating with the National Security Agency.

The Board of Selectmen had attached language to each of those articles stating selectmen did not endorse the article. The judge ruled that language can stay on the ballot.

If the judge had ruled in favor of the plaintiffs," said Steve Darrow,the chair of Grafton's Board of Selectmen, "we would have had a little bit of a problem being able to obtain ballots. So I'm sure that the town election would have been postponed."

Grafton's election will go forward as scheduled Tuesday.