Judge Dismisses Keene's Lawsuits Against 'Robin Hooders'

Dec 4, 2013

Credit YouTube.com

A Cheshire County Superior Court judge has dismissed a pair of lawsuits filed by the city of Keene against a group of people calling themselves “Robin Hooders.”

Members of the group fill parking meters and videotape parking enforcement officers.

In his dismissal, Judge John Kissinger says the city’s request for a 30-foot buffer zone protecting the officers against the defendants would unreasonably restrict their freedom of speech.

One of six people named in the lawsuit is Ian Freeman.

He says he’s pleased with the decision.

“I think it’s important to point out that Robin Hooders weren’t harassing or intimidating or threatening anyone. No evidence of that was presented during the three full days of court hearings in this matter.”

Freeman says the judge also dismissed the city's request for damages.

On videos posted on YouTube, members of the group are shown closely following and videotaping the city’s parking enforcement officers.

During testimony, the officers complained they were constantly harassed and called names.

It’s not clear whether the city plans to appeal.