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Judge Denies Bail For N.H. Man Who Posted Alleged Threat On Facebook

Jun 4, 2020

Daniel Zeron's booking photo, via Manchester PD

A district court judge is denying bail for a 19-year-old arrested this week after he allegedly posted a message on Facebook encouraging protesters to flip over police cars in Manchester.

Daniel Zeron of Ashland is charged with criminal threatening for his social media post, which was up for less than 24 hours before being deleted.

During a bail hearing on Wednesday, Zeron’s lawyer argued he should be released pending trial given his lack of criminal record. Jillian Rizzo, a public defender, also told the court “that is quite the spectacular leap” to link the small protests that did emerge on South Willow Street overnight Tuesday with her client’s social media post, given that riots have broken out in communities across the country.

[Click here to read the judge's bail order]

In a written order released Thursday, Judge William Lyons denied the request for bail, however, writing in an order that the “defendant’s conduct created a high risk of danger to public safety.”

An evidentiary hearing is scheduled for next week, with a trial due to begin July 6. If convicted, Zeron faces up to 12 months in jail.

In the social media post, which was posted anonymously, Zeron allegedly called for protestors to “take examples from riots in other cities.”

“Police cars will be tipped. Graffiti is welcome,” read the post.

Approximately a dozen people were arrested Tuesday night in the vicinity of South Willow Street after small demonstrations broke out. Organizers of a peaceful vigil held earlier Tuesday in a different area of the city say they had no connection to those arrested.