Jennifer Horn Seeking To Lead N.H. GOP

Nov 27, 2012

Credit Kelli True / NHPR

Jennifer Horn has run for congress twice: in 2008, she lost to democrat Paul Hodes; in 2010, Horn lost to fellow republican, Charlie Bass, in the primary.

More recently, Horn was active in Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. The mother of 5 has also hosted a radio show and written a column for the Nashua Telegraph.

Horn says the party’s first order of business needs to be a point-by-point review what she called "the many causes" of the GOP’s poor showing in 2012. Horn says the party must modernize and stress its core principles.

"We need as a party to improve our communication with our neighbors around the state and make sure that when the next election rolls around they know who we are and what we stand for."

Horn has the backing of U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, and outgoing Congressmen Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta. Republicans elect their new leader January 26th. If Horn wins, she’ll succeed Wayne MacDonald, who is not running for a full term in the job he's held since last year, when former chairman Jack Kimball resigned under pressure from party leaders.