James Foley's Work Honored At New Hampshire Film Festival

Oct 13, 2014

The 14th annual New Hampshire Film Festival will celebrate the film work of slain journalist, James Foley, who grew up in Wolfboro.

Back in 2011, just days before the fall of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Film directors Ross Kaufman and Katy Chevigny hired a cinematographer to film the part of their documentary that would take place in Libya.   That cinematographer was photojournalist James Foley. The following year, Foley was abducted in Syria. He was executed by Islamic State militants in August.

The documentary, called E-TEAM, follows four human rights investigators over two and a half years.  It received a cinematography award at Sundance this year. 

Chevigny says she hopes the film “honors the amazing work he did all over the region, before he died.”  

E-TEAM will play in Portsmouth on Sunday, followed by a tribute event attended by the Foley family and the documentary’s co-director Ross Kaufman. It debuts in theaters around the country next week, and on Netflix on October 24.