ISO-NE Approves Northern Pass Interconnectivity | New Hampshire Public Radio

ISO-NE Approves Northern Pass Interconnectivity

Dec 31, 2013

The hydroelectric power line project known as the Northern Pass has passed a major regulatory hurdle Tuesday.

Grid operator ISO New England has given the Northern Pass a green light to interconnect with the existing regional grid. PSNH spokesman Mike Skelton says it marks the end of a three-year-long process.

“They’re always looking at ways to plan to ensure that they can replace whatever energy source we’re counting on a day to day basis. So when you have a new project coming in like Northern Pass they have to go through that same process of planning, ‘Okay if we’re going to count on this new energy source, for reliability purposes, how are we going to plan to replace it if something were to happen.'”

Federal and state permitting still need to be secured before the project can move forward. Skelton says ISO will review any changes to the plan that emerge from the Site Evaluation Committee process. But, he says, the grid operator has signaled approval for the broad strokes of the plan.