Invasive Species - Part 2: Animals and Insects | New Hampshire Public Radio

Invasive Species - Part 2: Animals and Insects

Aug 1, 2013

They're the villain cousins of invasive plants... The spiny water flea, the Emerald Ash Borer, the Rusty crayfish and Rocksnot. Each either in New Hampshire or threatening to do so and harming not only the water, plants and land but indigenous animals, plus they have not natural predators. We'll look more closely at these invasive fish, insects and mollusks and what's being done to combat them.  


  • Jeff Schloss - Extension Professor in Biological Sciences and Natural Resources Program Team Leader at University of New Hampshire
  • Piera Siegert - New Hampshire State Entomologist
  • Amy Smagula - Limnologist/Exotic Species Program Coordinator, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.