Interactive Map: How Would School Funding Changes Affect My District?

Jun 15, 2015

Two proposed changes to the the state's education funding formula have been passed by the two chambers of the New Hampshire Legislature. Both seek to increase or lift altogether the state's cap on growth in per-pupil spending. And both would pay for such it by reducing so-called "stabilization grants," created in 2011 to keep certain school districts from losing huge amounts of funding after the last round of changes to the base aid formula.

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The House's plan reduces stabilization grants by 10 percent starting in the 2016 school year, and lifts the cap on growth entirely. The Senate's proposal reduces the grants by 4 percent a year, and doesn't eliminate the cap until the following year. The maps below show the effect on communities across New Hampshire under each plan. Towns in red would see a decline in state aid, while towns in green would see an increase.

N.H. House: 2017 School Funding Proposal

N.H Senate: 2017 School Funding Proposal