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Interactive Map: How Much Will Budget 'Downshifting' Cost Your Town?

Jun 19, 2015

The financial partnership between local governments and the state of New Hampshire has splintered since the recession. 

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State budget writers over the past half dozen years have steadily cut the amount of money they send to cities and towns. The decline in state support covers a range of public services: money to rebuild roads and bridges, investment in water infrastructure projects, and state pension aid, among others. What began as a short-term response to the economic downturn now seems to be business as usual.

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That's left municipalities with few easy options: either cut public services, try to be more efficient in delivering those services, or dig deeper into taxpayers' pockets. 

That trend is likely to continue in the next budget now under debate in the State House. The interactive map below illustrates how that downshift is expected to vary from community to community across New Hampshire, on a per-person basis over the next two years. Hover over your city or town to see how much, per capita, the decline in state dollars might mean for you and your neighbors.

Map: How Much Will Downshifting Cost Your Town?