Insurance Ideas

Mar 14, 2012

There’s an effort underway to make insurance more affordable in New Hampshire by allowing a range of plans – some with a maximum number of mandates and others with fewer mandated services.  Supporters say this gives consumers greater choice  -- they ask why a young unmarried male, for instance, pay for a plan that includes prenatal care. And, they say, it could help bring down cost, which has left too many people unable to afford any insurance at all.  But opponents worry such plans will  harm patients – providing minimal care that will end up allowing health problems to worsen and require even more expensive treatment.


  • Andy Sanborn - Republican Senator from Henniker.
  • Lisa Kaplan-Howe, Esq - Policy Director of NH Voices for Health

We'll also hear from...

  • Alex Feldvebel- Deputy Commissioner of the New Hampshire Insurance Department