If Elected, Here's How Bernie Sanders Would Choose His Supreme Court Nominees

Dec 4, 2015

In a forum with NHPR Friday afternoon, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders outlined a clear standard for who he'd nominate to the Supreme Court if elected. 

Sanders said before he'd tap any new justices to the bench, there is one test they'd have to pass. 

“I will not nominate any man or woman to the Supreme Court unless that individual is loud and clear in saying he or she will vote to overturn Citizens’ United and do that as quickly as possible,” he told NHPR's Laura Knoy and Josh Rogers, referring to a Supreme Court decision that loosened restrictions on spending in elections. 

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Besides vowing to keep money out of politics, he also added, his justices would have to strongly support women’s right to choose. And when it comes to his cabinet – the Independent senator from Vermont said members of Wall Street will not play a big role.

On Saturday Sanders will be hosting two town halls in Keene and Plymouth.