Hydro Quebec Crews Arrive In Manchester

Oct 31, 2012

Hydro Quebec trucks line up in Manchester
Credit Jonathan Lynch / NHPR

A fleet of monstrous blue trucks arrived in Manchester late Wednesday afternoon.

PSNH president Gary Long and Northeast Utilities CEO Tom May were on hand to greet the Hydro Quebec crews.

To see reinforcements come around the corner with these blue trucks is very rewarding

75 two-man crews are slated to be in New Hampshire by Thursday morning, with some crews driving as long as 12 hours to help restore power.

Daniel DumaisĀ is Director of Distribution at Hydro Quebec and was here for the ice storm in 2008.

He said he didn't have his assignments yet, but that he and his crews would most likely be heading south:

I know that the further south you go, the worse the conditions are.

PSNH is hoping that the Canadian reinforcements will speed restoration efforts by a full day.