Hundreds Join Hanover High Walkout, Urging State Action On Gun Laws

Mar 9, 2018

Several hundred students walked out of classes at Hanover High School Friday afternoon in recognition of shooting victims in Parkland, Florida last month.

Chanting “we want change” and “never again,” they marched to the local post office, where they sent off more than a thousand letters to state and federal officials. 

The demonstration was something of a preview of school walkouts planned across the country next Wednesday. That’s the one-month anniversary of the Florida shooting, where 17 people were killed. Hanover High has a special class schedule next week and many students won’t be on school grounds, so students organized their demonstration a week early.

One of the event’s organizers, senior Sarah Bozuwa, said she was inspired to act after seeing videos of the Parkland survivors talking about their experiences. “It was just hard to imagine that anyone my age, or anyone’s age for that matter, would have to go through something like that,” she said.