How N.H. Schools Are Tackling Suicide

Dec 15, 2014

With almost fourteen percent of New Hampshire teens surveyed saying they’d considered taking their own lives, educators are increasingly focused on this, with programs that address mental health, substance abuse, cyber bullying, and sexuality. We’ll find out what some schools are doing, and the questions that inevitably come up.

Credit Sarah Lousie / Flickr/CC

This show was originally broadcast on 10/14/14.


  • Tara Holmes Ball - an advocate of bringing prevention programs to schools, including at the schools in Exeter, N.H.  Her son Connor killed himself at age 14 in 2011.
  • Elaine DeMello - co-chair of the Youth Suicide Prevention Assembly, which is part of NAMI's Connect Program


  • Tammy Zielinski - psychologist at John Stark Regional High School
  • Michael Whitman - has been involved with a wide variety of local, statewide and national suicide prevention efforts, including the Hanover High School Suicide Awareness Committee, since he lost his 23-year-old son Breck to suicide 20 years ago.

Here's the Mayo Clinic video mentioned during the show of teens addressing suicide prevention.

Watch a video from NAMI-NH about New Hampshire's efforts to prevent suicide over the last decade: