How About This For A Commencement Speech: 'You Are Not Special.'

May 6, 2014

Credit via Q1045

It was the high school commencement address heard ‘round the world. When English teacher David McCullough, Jr. addressed 2012 graduates from the public high school in Wellesley, Massachusetts, he told them, "You are not special."

A video of that speech when hyper-viral, and within a few days, he was on TV and radio from Berlin to Beijing. The speech was discussed by pundits and from pulpits, people stopped on the street to praise him. A few encouraged him to run for office. “Suddenly,” he writes, “I was the ‘you are not special’ guy.”

McCullough expands on that fateful speech in a new book, called You Are Not Special…And Other Encouragements.  With a wry, affectionate eye, he addresses the role parents, communities and educators play in the drive to excel. He joined us to talk about the book.

Watch video of David McCullough, Jr.'s "You are not special" commencement speech.