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House Panel Backs Gay Marriage Repeal

Judiciary committee votes 11-6 to replace same-sex marriage with civil unions for any unmarried adults – even relatives. NHPR's Josh Rogers reports

By an 11 to 6 margin the house judiciary committee voted to undo the state’s 15-month-old gay marriage law and replace it with civil union for any unmarried adults – even relatives. The bill’s lead sponsor, Republican David Bates of Windham, says he expects the full House to endorse the proposal as drafted.

"What happens in the Senate I am less certain about. Senators may decide they want something different in it. But I think what is in this bill is worth passing as it is."

In a statement, House Majority Leader DJ Bettencourt said he hopes the bill, which he termed a compromise, would resolve the marriage issue in NH once and for all. Democrats on the judiciary committee voted against the measure as a bloc. Supporters of gay marriage say they will continue to fight its repeal and predict even if it passes it will do so without the two-thirds support needed to override a promised veto from Governor Lynch.