As House And Senate Negotiators Ready State Budget, Sununu Readies For Possible Veto

Jun 19, 2019

Credit josh rogers / nhpr

House and Senate budget negotiators are close to an agreement on a two-year state budget. But  business tax cuts remain a sticking point with Governor Sununu.

Negotiators removed a paid family leave program from the budget that Sununu had said would trigger a veto, and reached a deal on education funding that would send $138 million dollars more to districts over the next two years.

The Senate's top budget writer, Lou D'Allesandro, says the spending package, which also boosts medicaid provider rates, works.

"This is one of the best public documents that's been produced here in a decade. And I say that without any holdback at all. This is a very very good budget."

Sen. Lou D'Allesandro discusses state budget with Sununu Budget Director Mac Zellem.
Credit josh rogers /nhpr

But it may not pass muster with Governor Sununu. He says if lawmakers insist on reversing the latest round of business tax cuts, they can expect a veto.

"I'm trying to throw all my cards of the table, show everybody in a very transparent way what the red lines that we aren't going to cross, what the people of New Hampshire will not accept. They will not accept tax increases, nor should they."

The budget will be put to a vote by the full legislature next week.