Hooksett Voters Again Asked To OK 10-Year Pinkerton Deal

Mar 9, 2015

Credit Tracy Lee Carroll, NHPR

For the second straight year, voters at Town Meeting in Hooksett will be asked to approve a 10-year contract allowing some students to attend Pinkerton Academy in Derry.

Voters rejected a proposal last March that would have required at least 75 students to attend Pinkerton in the first five years, and 90 percent of all students attending after that.

Hooksett officials are hoping this deal has a better chance Tuesday, with some of those minimums removed.

Unlike the last proposal that failed, Hooksett wouldn’t be responsible for sending a minimum number of students to Pinkerton, at least in the first three years of the deal.

After that, there would be a minimum, but that would be determined by how many students choose to enroll at Pinkerton during those first three years.

If voters do approve the contract, it would go into effect in July of 2016.

Roughly 100 Hooksett students are attending Pinkerton this year as part of a trial run.

Hooksett doesn’t have its own high school, and the town dissolved a contract two years ago requiring students to attend Manchester schools.