Hillary Clinton's Concord Book Signing Draws A Crowd

Dec 5, 2017

Hundreds of Hillary Clinton supporters lined up for hours Tuesday outside Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord to get signed copies of Clinton’s new book.

Diane Pease drove down from Littleton and stood in the rain for two hours just to shake hands with the former Democratic presidential candidate. It was a brief moment, but one Pease says was worth the hassle.

Holding her newly signed copy of “What Happened,” she says she told Clinton she wished the election results had been different.

“I’m happy that I met her but I wanted to see a female president in my lifetime," Pease said, eyes watering. "Hopefully there will be somebody else but she would have been great.”

Judi Seldin drove up from Needham, MA with her teenage daughter just to met Hillary Clinton.
Credit Paige Sutherland/NHPR

Michelle Landcastle of Bow brought her two teenage daughters to the event. Landcastle says she hasn't quite finished the book yet, but the first chapter, she says, brought her to tears.

“It was very honest and I also thought – I wished she showed that side of her during the campaign because it felt very real, it was like talking to your neighbor," Landcastle said.

This is one of many stops Clinton has made on her book tour. She did not take any questions from the crowd or media.