High Tech Athletic Support

May 22, 2012

Every four years, the world gears up to become rabid, two-week fans of sports we’d never otherwise watch those featured in the Summer Olympics, like swimming, gymnastics, even equestrian eventing. For the elite athletes who compete at the Olympic level, however, the games are anything but a quadrennial concern. They’re the reward for working the hardest, being the best, and increasingly, it seems, having the latest hi-tech gadgetry in your corner.

With us to run down some of the more futuristic advances that may influence the medal count at this summer’s London games is word of mouth producer Taylor Quimby, our regular curator of the quirkier trends bubbling up across pop culture.

 Sonic Gun

 High Tech Anti-Doping Lab

 Mo Farah's Training Regime

 Vibrating Suit