He's the father of the bride

Jan 10, 2012

Bill Boyd is like the father of the bride tonight.  This Merrimack volunteer for the Santorum campaign has spent the whole day preparing the room for the candidate's primary night celebration.  It's a stressful job, but one Boyd says is satisfying.

Boyd says he's been with Santorum since they met in November 2010.  

"It's like night and day," he says about how interest in the soiree has changed since Santorum's surprise showing in Iowa. The room here at the Derryfield Country Club is dominated by press with not much room for supporters.  Boyd admits it's an old Kennedy trick: small room means bigger crowd.  And they're looking for an intimate night. 

Boyd was last seen looking for a facilities manager.  The air conditioning needs to be turned on.  They're expecting it to get pretty hot when Santorum hits the stage.