Here Come The Nanobreweries

Aug 16, 2013

Governor Hassan stopped by the Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery in North Woodstock to sample the microbrew and ceremonially sign into law HB 253 allowing nanobreweries to serve beer to their customers.  Sean Hurley was there and sends us this report.

Before Governor Hassan cracked open a celebratory bottle of beer, she did a bit of governing, signing into law House Bill 253.

I am very very proud to support this important sector of our economy by signing both these bills, so how about we go do that?

As the author of the bill, Kevin Bloom, told the Governor, this is a good example of going back to the ways things were in order to move forward.

Well this is the way it was before prohibition. That we're bringing it back to the way it was.

But the Governor mostly sees it as a big win for small business.

I think there are now 23 nanobreweries in the state and the way our laws had been written didn't consider small breweries in the mix and so this allows them to serve beers in their breweries.

After the signing, she opened a bottle of The Maggie Hassan Edition Ale...

Governor, what do you think of the beer? It's terrific! It's really good.

For NHPR, I'm SH