Helicopters Will Help Eversource Repair Seacoast Power Infrastructure | New Hampshire Public Radio

Helicopters Will Help Eversource Repair Seacoast Power Infrastructure

Jan 2, 2019

Eversource is contracting with Pennsylvania-based Haverfield Aviation to repair Seacoast transmission infrastructure, using helicopters like this one.
Credit Haverfield Aviation

Eversource will fly helicopters around the Seacoast over the next week as it repairs some aging transmission infrastructure.

The choppers will take contract workers along a transmission line in Greenland, Portsmouth and North Hampton, weather permitting, through Jan. 10.

The utility says the repair crews will replace old insulators on that power line, which connects major electric substations in the area.

The project is meant to make the grid more reliable during storms, and aid in future renewable energy connections, says Eversource spokeswoman Kaitlyn Woods.

"As more of our customers and renewable energy generators connect their own generation resources to the grid, we must continue working to ensure a more modern, reliable transmission system," she says. 

Eversource also hopes to start building a major new power line on the Seacoast this spring, after winning state approval in December.