Hassan Makes Case For Casino In Budget Address

Feb 14, 2013

Hassan says a number of her legislative priorities could be funded by casino licensing fees.
Credit Frank Bonilla / Flickr Creative Commons

Governor Maggie Hassan used her budget address to propose a new, high-end casino. 

Governor Hassan’s budget banks on this casino generating $80 million in licensing fees.  And she said the state is already dealing with the social costs of gambling allowed in other states, without benefiting from the revenue.

“And with Massachusetts moving forward, we can no longer pretend that expanded gambling isn’t coming to our communities.  It is," Hassan said.  "The question is, will we allow Massachusetts to take revenue from New Hampshire’s residents to fund its needs, or will we develop our own plan that will allow us to address social costs and invest in our priorities.”

Hassan also said building a casino would create jobs: two thousand in construction and one thousand permanent positions. 

The state Senate has voted to support expanded gambling in New Hampshire, while lawmakers in the House have repeatedly rejected it.