Hassan Banks on Keno But Still Wants A Casino

Feb 17, 2015


Credit Dave via Flickr CC

Gov. Maggie Hassan says she still wants to bring a casino to NH but is a "realist."

The Governor told lawmakers her decision to fund her $11.5 billion budget with $27m from yet-to-be-legal Keno doesn’t mean she’s changed her mind about supporting a full-blown Casino.

“I put Keno into this budget, because we see there is a lot of revenue that we expect is being spent by granite staters being paid over for Massachusetts. I’d prefer to bring that money home. But I continue to believe that one high end casinos makes sense of our state, all the marketplace studies show that it does.”

A bill to allow two casinos is pending in the State Senate. When asked by reporters if she’d sign that bill into law, Hassan declined a direct answer.