Hassan Asks For Help To Fight Obamacare Repeal

Jan 13, 2017

Credit josh rogers/nhpr

Senator Maggie Hassan is urging local care providers to fight for President Obama's signature health law.

Hassan used a visit to a Concord community mental health center to urge local care providers to lend their voices to what she termed the battle over Obamacare, which Washington Republicans have begun repealing. The law has helped 63,000 people in New Hampshire obtain coverage.

"This really would have the impact of literally pulling the rug out from under people and its really really critical for people to understand that and its important for leaders on the state level to articulate what it would mean for the state budget to take away these federal dollars."

Hassan, who supports eliminating the medical device tax and so-called Cadillac tax from the affordable care act, asked staffers at Riverbend to attend rallies in support of the heath law, and to ask friends and colleagues in states with republican delegations to contact their representatives.