Harvard Pilgrim Starts Hosting Narcan Training For Businesses

4 hours ago

This is one dose of Narcan. The samples attendees received included two of these sprays, one to be used in each nostril.
Credit Daniela Allee / NHPR

Harvard Pilgrim is now offering Narcan trainings for businesses using their health insurance. Their first ever training was in Concord on Friday at Riverbend Community Mental Health.

Eleven employees attended the training on how to use Narcan, the nasal spray that helps reverse an opioid overdose.

The training also touched on how opioid use affects the brain and the history of the opioid crisis.

Lionel Grassi works at Riverbend's addiction recovery services, and this was his first Narcan training. He says he's going to pass on what he's learned to clients.

"We can teach people to prevent an overdose, well, at least help with an overdose. Even families," he said.

Last year, Narcan was used nearly 3,000 times by first responders in the state.

Each attendee received a Narcan sample to carry, which anyone could get at a pharmacy that has the spray.

Harvard Pilgrim will host its next training next month, in Boston, at a marketing and advertising agency.