Hanover Zoning Board to Rehear Dartmouth Fraternity Case

Mar 27, 2019

Credit NHPR File

The New Hampshire Supreme Court dealt a small victory Tuesday to a Dartmouth fraternity in its years-long fight with the town of Hanover.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is one of two fraternities to fight the town in recent years, the other being Alpha Delta.

Both organizations lost their official recognition from Dartmouth over hazing and other conduct issues.

As a result, the Hanover Zoning Board said the groups could no longer house students in their off campus fraternity houses.

The state Supreme Court shot down a legal challenge from Alpha Delta in 2017.

Now, it has largely shut down Sigma Alpha Epsilon's case as well.

But it's giving the students one more chance to make their case in front of the town zoning board. That's because it thinks the board may have ruled too narrowly on the fraternity’s rights under a local ordinance.