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Handling New Hampshire's Homelessness

Jun 4, 2013

Several Granite State communities are grappling with how best to deal with this population. Issues include their use of public property, where and how they can ask for money, the right approaches to truly help these individuals. There’s been lots of debate and even lawsuits filed, including accusations that some recent actions are band-aids to a much larger problem.  Today we'll look at these challenges.


  • Cathy Kuhn- Director of the New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness and Director of Research and Training at Families in Transition, a homeless service provider.
  • Tauna Sisco- Political Sociologist at Saint Anselm College. Her research is on public policy concerning the homeless. Her forthcoming book is The Gendered Face of Homelessness.
  • Pat Long- Democratic State Representative from Manchester, member of the Manchester Consortium of Homelessness, and Manchester Alderman. 

We'll also hear from

  • John Duval- Concord Police Chief who also serves on a mayor's task force on ending homelessness.
  • Frank Sobol - A homeless person living in the Concord area who is involved in a camp-site lawsuit against the state.