Guinta Touts GOP Budget

Mar 20, 2012

Second District Congressman Frank Guinta is helping champion House Republican’s new budget blueprint that Democrats say is dangerous for the nation’s poor and vulnerable. 
Both sides agree the new G-O-P budget paints a stark ideological contrast ahead of November’s elections. Inside Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s new spending blueprint are cuts to Pell Grants, Medicaid, food stamps and an overhaul of welfare. The legislation also continues the G-O-P push to turn Medicare into what amounts to a voucher program, which is unpopular with many voters.

But Representative Guinta says budgets aren’t popularity contests. “Look this is not about what’s popular; it’s about what’s right. What’s right for the country is to be honest about the challenges we have within mandatory spending,” said Guinta.

Democrats say in order to tackle the national debt taxes need to be raised on the wealthiest Americans. And they say attempts to fundamentally change Medicare and other safety net programs will backfire on House Republicans when voters cast their ballots this fall.