Guinta Sets 'Grassroots Goal' Ahead Of Fundraising Deadline | New Hampshire Public Radio

Guinta Sets 'Grassroots Goal' Ahead Of Fundraising Deadline

Oct 1, 2015

Political candidates send lots of emails as the end of a fundraising quarter approaches. New Hampshire Congressman Frank Guinta is no exception – though there’s a bit more to his story than what’s in the message.

“We are just hours away from the end of the 3rd quarter,” read an email Wednesday from the Guinta camp. “I am asking for your support to help us prepare for our upcoming battles.”

Among those “battles”: raising money. Guinta’s fundraising haul dropped by more than half after news broke earlier this year that the Federal Election Commission concluded he’d accepted $355,000 in illegal campaign donations from his parents. The money Guinta raised after the FEC report was made public in May came almost exclusively from political action committees, with only three individual contributions.

Guinta’s fundraising email asks supporters to raise the final $5,000 of a “grassroots goal.” The campaign didn’t respond to a request for comment, so we don’t know what that goal was. But we can expect a much clearer picture of Team Guinta’s finances, including whether he’s repaid the $355,000 he received from his family, by October 15th. That's when campaigns must file their third quarter fundraising reports with the FEC.