Guinta Campaign Strikes Back Over Shea-Porter Veterans Ad

Sep 24, 2012

The campaigns of Carol Shea-Porter and Frank Guinta are trading sharp words over a Shea-Porter ad claiming Guinta voted to cut money for veterans’ programs. The ad that Shea-Porter’s campaign released last week stuck to the aggressive tone that the former congresswoman has adopted this election cycle.

Voice-over: Tea-party congressman Frank Guinta voted for billions in cuts to veterans programs and opposed funding for veterans’ healthcare and housing.

In response, the Guinta campaign put on a rally in Manchester, where state legislators like Kingston Republican Ken Weyler, said the ad twists the facts.

Weyler: This is a desperate move by a candidate who really has no substance to offer.

The ad cites three votes, two of which the Guinta campaign call “procedural stunts” that Shea-Porter is mischaracterizing.

The third vote was for the Ryan Budget, which would allot less money for veterans programs than the president’s budget, because it uses a different projection for how many disabled veterans will claim benefits.

That bill passed the House of Representatives but never became law.