Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Feltes Casts Early Ballot In Concord | New Hampshire Public Radio

Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Feltes Casts Early Ballot In Concord

Oct 9, 2020

Democrat Dan Feltes tweeted about casting his ballot early on Friday.
Credit Via Twitter

Election Day may be just 24 days away, but one candidate running for New Hampshire governor has already voted, Democrat Dan Feltes, who cast his ballot Friday in Concord.

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In doing so, Feltes will forego the classic Election Day photo op, that of the candidate emerging from a polling place wearing his ‘I voted’ sticker.

Instead, Feltes exercised his franchise during a morning visit to the Concord city clerk’s office, weeks out from Election Day. He says he wants others to do the same.

“Voting in New Hampshire in 2020 is easier than prior elections," Feltes says. "You can check the box, COVID concerns, and vote in person, right now, at your town or city hall. So go vote.”

The state Democratic party is urging voters to plan how they will cast their ballots - early in person, absentee, or on election day.

Second District congresswoman Annie Kuster also voted early this week in her hometown of Hopkinton.