Groton Woman Recovering After Bear Attack in her Home | New Hampshire Public Radio

Groton Woman Recovering After Bear Attack in her Home

Jul 18, 2018

N.H. Fish and Game: The bear entered the woman's home in Groton and attacked her in the kitchen.

A Groton resident was seriously injured after a bear entered her home. 


Jim Juneau of New Hampshire Fish and Game says that a wild black bear was likely startled when a 71-year old woman discovered it in her kitchen early Tuesday morning. 


"The bear reacted in a panicked manner and unfortunately she sustained some injuries," he says.


The woman is currently at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, after undergoing surgery. 


Juneau says an unusually dry spring could have delayed wild bears' natural food sources this year, leading to dangerous encounters like this one. 


As always, Fish and Game recommends that residents remove from their yards anything that could attract hungry wildlife.


"Birdseed can be a tremendous draw for bears into a yard. BBQ grills that haven't been cleaned, as well as trash that's been left out. People need to be responsible when they know that they have bears in the area."