Grading Greek Life On College Campuses

Jun 26, 2014

For some students pledging that fraternity or sorority is a rite of passage, creating a sense of belonging and friendship on campus.  But after a series of recent ugly incidents - including hazing, binge drinking, and sexual assaults - some colleges are looking harder at Greek organizations and whether some are getting out of control.  We’re examining the big picture, nationally and in New Hampshire.  

Credit SigEp NV Alpha '03 / Flickr Creative Commons



  • Samuel Bauer – a senior engineering student at Dartmouth College. He is a member of the Phi Delta Alpha fraternity on campus, and the executive board of the Intra-fraternity Council.
  • MaryAnne Lustgraaf – director of Memorial Union and Student Activities at the University of New Hampshire. She helps oversee Greek Life on campus.