Governor Requests Federal Disaster Declaration for July Flooding

Aug 8, 2019


Governor Chris Sununu is asking for a federal disaster declaration after heavy rainfall caused flood damage in Grafton County last month.

Sununu's letter to President Donald Trump says the storm on July 11 and 12 dumped inches of rain on several communities.

Crews had to rescue some campers and homeowners from the floodwaters. The rain caused severe damage to dozens of roads, culverts and snowmobile trails... including at Cardigan Mountain State Park.

It came less than two weeks after severe thunderstorms damaged some of the same areas at the start of July.

In his request for federal aid, Sununu says state and local damages from the later storm have topped $2-point-8 million dollars so far.

Sununu says it's overwhelmed the budgets of small, affected towns like Canaan, Groton and Orange.