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Gov. Sununu Signs One Pro-Solar Bill, Vetoes Another

Jul 22, 2019

Credit Via USDA website

Governor Chris Sununu has signed a bill aimed at helping low-income residents benefit from solar power.

It was one of his stated priorities for the year – and one of the few renewable energy proposals on which he compromised with Democratic lawmakers.

The bill will require each utility to build at least two qualifying solar projects in their service areas each year. The projects will funnel energy cost savings to low-income and elderly residents through programs like net metering.

A few solar projects in the state already provide this service, and more are in the works.

Soon after signing this pro-solar bill, Sununu vetoed another on Friday: a plan to sharply increase requirements for the amount of solar power that utilities must use in their fuel mix. 

In his veto message, Sununu cast the bill as a hand-out to solar developers; Democrats in the legislature say the veto capitulates to out-of-state, pro-fossil fuel interests. 

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