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Gov. Candidates at Loggerheads on School Choice

Jun 26, 2012

On Wednesday, the legislature will vote on whether or not to override Governor John Lynch’s veto of a bill supporters call School Choice Scholarship Act.

Both Democratic gubernatorial candidates are calling on the legislature to uphold the governor’s veto. Their republican opponents came out in support of the school choice bill last week. There are two, nearly identical, versions of the education tax credit coming back before the legislature tomorrow.

At a campaign event Tuesday,  Maggie Hassan used the veto vote to lash out at one of her Republican opponents.

Hassan: this private school legislation, is another example of how the priorities of Ovide Lamontagne and this legislature, are wrong for middle class families, and wrong for our economy.

Hassan spoke with Bill Duncan, a public school advocate who is running for Executive council on the seacoast.

Both Hassan and Jackie Cilley say the tax credit plan would sap resources from public schools, and both Kevin Smith and Ovide Lamontagne say they favor school choice.

The House and Senate passed the bill by veto-proof majorities, and are expected to push them through tomorrow..