GOP Chairman, Other Top Republicans, Visit N.H.

Sep 5, 2014

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.
Credit Associated Press

The chairman of the Republican National Committee made a campaign stop in Nashua Friday. Chairman Reince Priebus was the first in a series of national GOP leaders who will visit the state ahead of next Tuesday’s primary.

In a cramped GOP office, Priebus rubbed elbows and talked up the role New Hampshire could play for his party come November.

"It’s a pivotal state in determining whether we can win the U.S. Senate and fire Harry Reid," says Priebus. "We need to win here in the midterm and pave the way for the future."

But first Republicans have to decide their party’s nominees. This week candidates faced off in televised debates, which, at times, got personal.

"Primaries can get out of control," says Priebus. "But it doesn’t mean parties don’t unify and come together on a serious goal that we all share."

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore will rally Republicans this weekend, as will Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who will stump for second congressional district candidate Marilinda Garcia.