A Good Haircut is Hard to Find | New Hampshire Public Radio

A Good Haircut is Hard to Find

Jun 29, 2018

Why is it so difficult for a woman of color to find a good haircut in New Hampshire?

Courtney Marshall returns to the show with a problem: where can she get her hair done? "Right now in New Hampshire I'm trying to find another hairdresser. I'm in a state of emergency. I do not want to have to cross state lines to get a haircut."



 While there are a few options in Manchester, depending on the time of day, that could be a 45-minute drive from Courtney's home in Exeter. She is looking for a consistent, convenient option.

"Preferably it would be a whole salon, because I miss black beauty salons. The magazines, the conversation," she explained.

We made a plan to meet the following week in Exeter to visit a few salons together.

But Courtney is far from the only person with this problem.

We investigate the hair scene for people of color in the Granite State.