Good Gig: Professional Science Geek Howard Eglowstein

Dec 17, 2014

Good Gig is a series of conversations with individuals who have landed their dream job.

Howard Eglowstein’s Good Gig involves working to encourage girls in the computer science and math areas for a company called Science Buddies.  They give kids ideas and guidance for science fair projects that deviate from the well-trod robotics and erupting volcano paths. Howard’s background in tinkering started with toy making, but he's always been a creator.

One project Howard describes, involves putting RFID (Radio Frequency Identification tags inside bells to create a musical instrument with the help of a computer.

Project that uses RFID technology and bells to create a musical instrument.
Credit Courtesy of Howard Eglowstein

Detail shot of RFID project.
Credit Courtesy of Howard Eglowstein

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