Glen David Andrews' "Redemption"

Jul 29, 2014

Credit Derek Bridges via Flickr CC

We spoke with Glen David Andrews about his new album Redemption, which features his band and select friends who played major roles in a spiritual recovery that started him on a new path in life. The New Orleans musician came out with the new album after reconnecting with music, and its healing powers, in rehab. Many listeners have observed the similarities between Andrews and New Orleans itself, and in the album it’s hard to distinguish where the influences of one ends and the other begins. Redemption dropped in April, 2014, and is Andrews’ first nationally released album.

You can hear the full interview with Glen David Andrews here.  

“Surrender” is a centerpiece of the new album and it speaks to the themes Andrews hopes to convey.

Here are some videos of Glen David Andrews’ memorable live performances.

To hear more of his music and purchase the album, check out his website here. Or, contact him on Twitter.