Giving Matters: Childcare Assistance

May 30, 2015

The Ossipee Children’s Fund was not created by a municipality. It is an NGO, started by caring people in the community who saw a need. The grassroots organization helps to pay for child care, education, recreation and enrichment programs for children from low-income families in Ossipee and surrounding communities. 

As a single mom of two children, Rosette Chittenden has a difficult time making ends meet cleaning homes for a living. When she learned about the OCF, she approached them for assistance with her childcare expenses. “The daycare would have cost what I make, so at the end of the week I’d end up not having anything after child care. If it wasn’t for the OCF I wouldn’t be able to work.”

Thanks to the OCF, her two children are also able to enjoy extra-curricular activities, They’re able to enjoy skiing, ice skating in the winter; summer camp, dance class.

OCF has recently given out its millionth dollar to help local kids.