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The Future of Garbage In N.H. & Rethinking the Waste Cycle

With landfills filling up and in some cases closing, New Hampshire's options for disposing solid waste are dwindling. We examine how communities might do a better job of diverting waste -- by reducing, reusing, or recycling it -- and what a new legislative report says about how the state should address these challenges.

Air Date: Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019


Karen Ebel, a Democratic State Representative from New London and Deputy Speaker of the House.  She sits on the House Public Works and Highways Committee.  She also chaired the legislature's Committee to Study Recycling Streams and Solid Waste Management in New Hampshire, which just issued its report.

Marc Morgan, Solid waste manager for the City of Lebanon. 

Michael Nork, Environmental analyst at the solid waste management bureau of the N.H. Department of Environmental Services.  In October, the N.H. DES published its Biennial Solid Waste Report 


Lebanon landfill:
Credit Daniela Allee for NHPR

Credit Daniella Alee for NHPR