Fretting Over The Farm Bill

Feb 19, 2013

Congress is in the midst of renewing this giant legislation, after missing its first deadline to do so.  And New Hampshire farmers are keeping an eye on this process, they want assurances a final measure won’t just favor big agribusiness, but also, the smaller farms prevalent in our region.  We’ll find out the bill might include and what’s at stake for the Granite State.


  • Commissioner Lorraine Merrill- NH Commissioner of Agriculture, Markets, and Food; dairy farmer in Stratham
  • Ray Conner- Beginner Farmer Program Coordinator for the Northeast Organic Farming Association of NH, organic farmer in Pittsfield
  • Roger Noonan- Member of NOFA-NH policy committee, Board President of New England Farmers' Union, President of the Board of NH Conservation Commissions, and farmer in New Boston