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Free Staters Protest Anti-Gun Rules at PSU

Dec 9, 2011


Two men who had been threatening to bring guns to Plymouth State University’s campus directed a protest today against the school’s no-firearm policy.

Former cop, Bradley Jardis and Veteran Tommy Mozingo arrived at PSU with an entourage of activists from the Free State Project, who sang Libertarian Christmas Carols.

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They came to say that the University does not have the right to ban firearms on campus.

When asked if anyone was carrying weapon as they had said they would, Jardis responded it would be up to the state to prove that.

Jardis, who was in charge of organizing the event, said it was in the works long before yesterday’s shooting at Virginia Tech.

Jardis: The incident that happened yesterday at Virginia Tech is just even more of a reason why the campus system in New Hampshire should not be known as a victim disarmament zone.

Teachers organized a silent counter-protest, and the administration told students who did not feel safe on campus to stay home.