Franklin Mayor: Solar Project Stalled Until Net Metering Cap Raised

Feb 29, 2016

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Officials say plans to build an 8.5-megawatt solar project in Merrimack County can't proceed until more people are allowed to net meter.

Franklin Mayor Ken Merrifield tells the Concord Monitor the solar installation, slated to become the largest in the state, would help halve the city's electric bill.

The project has received municipal approval, but Merrifield says the project is made financially viable through net metering, which lets customers sell excess solar power back into the grid.

Lawmakers are considering legislation that would double the sate-set cap to 100 megawatts and require the Public Utilities Commission to review current net metering rates.

While some say the bill doesn't go far enough, opponents say solar customers don't pay enough for pole and wire maintenance due to net metering.